GTA IV Embargo Lifted

So, Grand Theft Auto IV, eh? With Rockstar now showing off the game we’ll start to get real evidence of just what exactly is going to make IV the best GTA so far. We don’t really want to go too far with specifics as sites are pulling stories left right and centre, so until we get official word that it’s good to go, here’s just a few hints as to what you can expect…

More intelligent police: this time it’ll be more like Metal Gear Solid and Need For Speed Most Wanted, where the cops will spot you and keep tracking you in an ever increasing radius around your character until you can find somewhere to lay low.

New technology: this isn’t the 80s, so expect to use your mobile phone and it’s built-in internet connection to track targets and gain info. Some cars will also have voice-enabled GPS systems.

Hail a taxi: it’s not all grand theft auto, you can call a taxi and take a peaceful ride to your destination, or skip the transport and arrive immediately where you want to.

Multiplayer: we’re gunning for more co-op madness in designated situations, but no confirmation on anything online yet.

Tighter characterisation: your avatar will be more focused and tied to the story, so no more crazy haircuts and pizza bulking.

Better weapons: the daft guns have been toned down to more ‘realistic’ ones, and all will feature a zoom setting.

Vertigo: expect to be able to scale massive skyscrapers and snipe targets hundreds of feet below.

More soon.