Woolies Backs Blu-Ray

Woolworths has decided enough is enough – or in the case of HD-DVD not enough at all – and will switch to supporting Blu-Ray exclusively at retail stores from March. HD-DVD will be dropped from retail, but will still be available online. This is analagous to the way HD-DVD supporters have stopped supporting the format at retail, but have instead switched to showing their support online. TSA is now rapidly re-categorising our list of “stupid groups of people”, as HD-DVD supporters have deposed George Bush supporters with ease.

According to Woolies, Blu-Ray outsold HD-DVD 10-to-1 in their stores over the Christmas period. As far as we can tell, the HD-DVD petition has out-petitioned the Blu-Ray petition (that doesn’t exist) approximately 30000-to-1. HD-DVD, we salute you.