PSN Content: 31/01/08

Yes, it’s Thursday FUN time again, and we’ve just been told what’s going up later on today on the UK PSN Store. Firstly, there’s the fl0w expansion that the US got a month or two back (including rumble, and an extra section) and the brand new PSN game Sky Diving. The fl0w expansion will cost £1.99 and Sky Diving £2.99, both bargain prices.

We’ve also been informed that fl0w will also be available for the PSP from today, for (we think) £4.99, and the first WipEout Pulse add-on pack should be there too. As usual, if we’re wrong, we’ll buy you a pint. Seriously. Well, I will, Michael’s busy.

Update: forgot to say that the DMC 4 demo is confirmed for later today too.

Update 2: looks like we’re not getting either game. Awesome. The Devil May Cry demo is up, as is MX vs ATV, but that’s it apart from three PS1 games: Fade to black, Motorhead and the sublime Theme Hospital.