New Maps Coming To COD 4

Thrust is a great word, and seldom used with the words ‘hot’ and ‘intense’ when referring to games. Activision’s latest PR is something of a treat for wordsmiths and gamers alike – combining the very best of vague spin with distant promises of excitement. Apparently the unpriced downloadable goodies will ‘thrust gamers into a hot zone of added combat across a variety of intense multiplayer locales‘ which means: New Levels.

Robert Bowling (great name) is not only Infinity Ward’s Community Manager but is also ‘excited about the news maps‘ and ‘can’t wait to get online with everyone‘. We presume he doesn’t mean everyone because there’d be too much lag, but we appreciate the sentiment. We thought Call of Duty 4 was ‘OK’ so if you’re looking forward to brand new maps then continue to look forward, as they’re due in the Spring.