How To Play EchoChrome

Just a heads up to say that not only is the EchoChrome demo up on the Japanese Store, but it’s up for the PSP as well as the PS3, which is nice. So, what’s there? Well, alongside five tutorials (with English voice overs) there’s three proper levels – not a massive amount but enough to get you hooked into the whole idea.

So how do you play? Well, simply move the left or right stick (or indeed the d-pad) to change the perspective (and hold R1 to spin it faster) or hold L1 and use the SixAxis motion sensor instead. Triangle can be held to ‘pause’ the game (although you can still spin the perspective) and holding X speeds up the little man. Square lets you snap the edges together neatly, and Select toggles the on-screen displays.

And the download size? Well, let’s just say it’s small