Got iPhone? Get TheSixthAxis

There’re big things coming to TheSixthAxis, and soon: we’re busy working behind the scenes to bring you what we think is something rather awesome… In the meantime, we’d like to draw your attention to our new iPhone-optimised version of the site, fully designed and implemented for both iPod Touch and the iPhone itself – follow the link, bookmark it and even add it to your iPhone’s home page so you’ve always got us at your fingertips, so to speak. Then you just need to click the little red button to get your daily PS3 news fix…

It’s currently serving up all our latest news, reviews, rumours and features but there’s still a few wee bugs in there that we need to iron out, so we’re marking it as Beta for a couple of days until everything is hunky dory. Shout out to Joe Hewitt and his wonderful IUI interface libraries for inspiration and motivation to get this project off the ground.


iPhone TheSixthAxis