GTA IV DLC – It’s still coming

We’ll bet that you, like us, were beginning to worry that Microsoft had forgotten they’d spent a large fortune on securing downloadable content for the 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV. I know we’d lost a few collective nights of sleep wondering when they were going to start advertising it, but worry no longer: this month’s gamesTM magazine has a full page (back of the mag) advert for the Xbox version of Rockstar’s future megahit, and about a quarter of the advert is entirely about the downloadable stuff, which apparently starts in August.

So why are we telling you this? Because this race just got closer. Sure, Sony seem to have the exclusive on the console bundles but it’ll be interesting to see whether Microsoft can grab a few sales on the basis of future downloads for the game. ‘Download Exclusive Content’ is an odd turn of phrase too – sounds like the content itself is exclusive, not the very notion of downloadable content. Interesting…

Image source, although it looks like it came from GAF initially.