[update] GTA IV Already Available

Unconfirmed (as yet) reports that some Morrisons and Tesco branches are selling GTA IV already today, with quite a few people having received the game this morning through the post from HMV and Game.

As far as we were aware there were strict release date rules to keep the game out of people’s hands until next Tuesday, but this appears to no longer be the case. We’ll investigate further and hopefully try to confirm some of these reports.


1. Claims of Tesco sales in the comments.

2. Claims of Morrisons sales.

3. Apparent photo of sale from Asda.

4. Another pic here – not sure of the shop.

5. Want it tomorrow? Buy it now for £115

Note: we’re not suggesting that this is a widespread broken street date, just what appears to be a few isolated incidents worth reporting. Don’t get your hopes up for getting hold of the game before its real release date of Tuesday.