Phil Harrison Friday Love-in

We miss Phil Harrison’s big, shiny head and his splendid abundance of tall. Sure, he’s still around, but he’s not ours anymore. Because of this love, we wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to bring you his thoughts. And so we will, because Phil has been speaking to Eurogamer. If we were going to create a new website we’d call it POUNDgamer – oh yes – but we digress.

Tall Phil is getting all excited about networked games, saying that he’s not sure the industry will make too many more single-player only games. He’s no doubt right, because even ostensibly single-player experiences benefit from some network action; a little bit of DLC goes a long way to ehancing many a game. Just look at SingStar for perhaps the best example this generation: essentially a single-player singsong, it’s been transformed with the SingStore and online community elements.

It’s not just us that loves Phil though, his old boss Kaz Hirai thinks fondly of him too. Over at ThreeSpeech – for which we can’t think of a better name, it’s that good – Kaz has been saying that Phil’s departure was a surprise and he was sad to see him go.

There you go, folks – that’s enough Phil love for one day.