gamesTM Award MGS 4 an 8

We had an image of a crazy Nazi-looking guy with the letters WTF lying around here somewhere, and it would have fit perfectly for this little news story: UK mag gamesTM has given Metal Gear Solid 4 an 8/10, saying it’s the best PS3 exclusive to date, but “were under agreement to not reveal of the plot which makes it very difficult to illustrate many of our criticisms”.

So, seems like they took 2 points off the game because they didn’t like the plot, but an NDA loophole means that they don’t have to specify which elements of the plot they didn’t like particularly. Brilliant. So, that’s Edge, Eurogamer and gamesTM all scoring the game 8/10. Has Kojima played to the American market and lost us Brits along the way? We’ll find out soon enough.