Old Dog, New Tricks

If, like us, you’ve been eagerly awaiting Metal Gear Solid 4 like an expectant father, then today might just be your lucky day. Sure, promo and review copies are nice to own, but nothing comes close to having the proper retail packaging in your hands on release day. Clawing off the sellophane wrapping is a ritual non-gamers will never have the pleasure of experiencing, but to us it’s all part of the fun.

Obviously, next comes the chance to stick the disk in the drive, but we’ll not be spoiling that one expect for our full review which you can expect soon, but we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to show you the full PAL packaging in all it’s shiny glory. We’ll also confirm at this point, as if you ever doubted us, that the game requires a 4.6GB install, and only appears to support 720p so 1080i-only owners might be in for a rocky ride.


So, let’s go: the PS3’s great white hope is here.