Eden To Get Playable Demo

Q-Games’ head Dylan Cuthbert has emailed us this morning to let us know that a playable demo is planned for PixelJunk Eden this July, presumably around E3 time. He tells us he “simply wants everyone to experience it ASAP so we are trying to get the demo out before the release of the game” which is cool.

Even cooler though is confirmation that Eden will also feature the now famous Youtube video uploading feature. He tells us you simply select ‘record video’ from the pause menu and then play the game for 10 minutes (and you can pause/restart with R3) before uploading the video directly from your PS3 to your YouTube account.


Finally, he also wanted to say that he’s wanting to do a small, free patch for Monsters, so if anyone has any ideas on what they want to see in the patch, let him know. For more on Eden check out our What Is It? feature.