New PS3 Controller Coming?

Rumours of a new PS3 controller started yesterday evening with GamesIndustry’s original article before being picked up around the internet like a cheap rash. The article claims that Sony Computer Entertainment is working on a new PS3 controller which features the ability to ‘break apart’ into two separate units, each of which contains an accelerometer for ‘Wiimote-like’ motion-sensing functionality.

Sounds interesting, and we’re fairly sure Microsoft have something similar up their sleeve too, but it won’t be as simple as copying what Nintendo have done given their current wranglings with 3rd party manufacturers. However, TheSixthAxis has heard over night that the ‘break-away’ claims aren’t exactly the truth: an anonymous tipster has emailed in to say that the ‘new controller’ is actually going to be an extension of the Dual Shock 3, plugging into the device’s USB port, and can be daisy-chained with other similar elements.

This suggests to us that we’d be looking at some kind of remote pointer, if indeed that is the case, that connects to the controller we all already own. This will naturally mean less cost and a greater chance of customer uptake – after Eye of Judgement and Guitar Hero the last thing we need is another sizable peripheral lying around. If it is a pointer and it’s something we hear about at E3, chances are it’ll be used with Sony’s more ‘casual’ titles like Buzz, where it would work perfectly.