The Make A Sandwich Challenge

Microsoft, blessed with the knowledge that Grand Theft Auto IV required a length installation on PS3 before gamers could get to grips with Liberty City were laughing their collective arses off, even going as far as to suggest things that 360 owners could be doing whilst we were watching the install bar creep up.

Not that there technically was one for GTA, but you know what we mean.

Make a Sandwich 1

Thankfully, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars does have an install bar, and it’s a slow one. Instead of letting us watch Snake puff on a fag, we watch a tiny white bar inch slowly towards the right of the screen. The game suggested an eight minute install – just enough time to make a sandwich, then.

Make a Sandwich 2

That’s pepperoni, ham and cheese (on brown bread). We’ve got to defrost the bread, add the ingredients, coat with some nice tomato sauce product and slap it all together. We rushed. The microwave is in full flow. Things are hurried thrown in and on top of each other. We finish, rush back to the PS3…

Make a Sandwich 3

Yes. It’s moved from 33% to 45% in about 5 minutes. Just enough time to grab a beer too, then… Seems like Microsoft were right.