NovaStrike News Update

We caught up with Kevin McCann from Tiki Games yesterday, speaking about Trophies and a European release for NovaStrike. Kevin tells us he’ll have his top-down shooter all Trophied-up by the end of July, alongside a few updates such as a smoother difficulty curve and customizable controls, and then it will be handed over to SCEA to get it onto the Store, presumably some time in August. As for a European release, Kevin’s hoping it’ll go through SCEE for release in either late August or early September at the latest. And Europe’s initial release will naturally be the updated version of NovaStrike.

The team at Tiki Games is also aiming to provide NovaStrike owners with some free downloadable content beyond the first update later in the year, so if you’ve not yet bought the game and it’s out where you are, it’s a brilliant game and one deserving of your dollars.