Weekly Round-up

Another week, another set of links to stories we missed.  Except this week it’s not really stories we missed, but more random game-related stuff I came across whilst Alex was out getting his weekend booze and he’d left me alone for a bit.  And, well that’s never a good idea.

Putting Rockstar out of business? – Rockstar is the best in the business – why would anyone want to put them out of business?  The cads.


People you’d like to shut up! – Vitriol – get yours here!

Edge to get bigger online presence – Future rebrand Next-Gen website as Edge – we were going to rebrand TSA when the DualShock3 came out, but www.thedualshock3stillwithsixaxiscontrol.com just didn’t sound right

Game graphics are art, don’t you know – Game porn, of sorts.

Writers doing writing – awesome idea – Pratchett to pen game story – unfortunately, not the good Pratchett

Actual games, to play, with graphix! – Proper games for old people.  It’s got Simon for goodness sake!

Beijing, Olympics, and smut – Search for game news, get this – great use of ‘stain’ in a headline

We want this in a new game – A picture of a Siberian Husky

Have a great weekend – I’m off to play hide-and-seek in a hotel with Alex…