Eden Demo This Week?

The trees are whispering.  We can barely make it out, but it sounds like they’re trying to tell us something.  Eden?  Demo?  This Thursday?  Whilst PixelJunk Eden still appears to be hitting the Euro Store next week, there’s a chance the US Store will be getting a playable demo this week as a taster.

If you’ve been living in a cave, Eden is a platform game, a psychedelic, flowing, organic platformer, unlike anything we’ve seen before. The game, strictly in 2D (as with the other PixelJunk games), involves the player controlling a ‘Grimp’ who’s sole task is to collect ‘Spectra’ by jumping and spinning between the ever evolving flora that spans the 10 levels.

The key ingredient here is Pollen, which is left behind by the odd floating creatures – collect it and deposit it into the seed pods and more plants and platforms can be created which will obviously allow you to climb ever higher. Grimps (the game supports 3 players) also have a thin line of silk that allows Pitfall style swinging from leaf to leaf, and doing a full circle will reveal the direction of the next Spectra, creating a soothing, peaceful exploration in single player but a crazy mad dash with friends.

All this is backed by incredible 1080p aesthetics and wonderful audio from Baiyon and makes for yet another unique, engaging cult classic from the PixelJunk team.  For more on Eden, click here.