EU PS Store Update 23/02/16: Far Cry Primal, Michonne, And Hitman GO

Time to place your hand in to your digital wallet and purchase some digital things which make you go ‘squee’. This week the big release is the fearsome Far Cry Primal, which comes in both expensive and really expensive editions, although clicking through reveals a 15% discount for PS+ members.

There is also the latest game from Telltale which stars Michonne and some zombies, and more zombies who are battling plants for no reason whatsoever, in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2.




  • The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries – 24th February

PS Vita

For the DLC head over to the PS Blog, for the prices you’ll just have to click through. Sorry.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Also Track Mania Turbo is now available to preorder at a pretty competitive £26.99 (best I’ve seen online is £24.99) – so with a CD Keys PSN Topup voucher you could have the game for the same price as retail for a change.

    • … & to me that reads as ‘its the same price (or thereabouts) as a retail release, so still buy it at retail & actually have something to trade when done’.

      • I prefer not to disc swap and I doubt I’d get much back on this whenever I’m done with it… Especially at the low starting price. I still have disc version of Trials Fusion for example.

        And it is nice to see psn close to shop prices for a change.

    • I got a beta code for that – going to give it a whirl this evening!

  2. Do we have any idea when Kings Quest Chapter 3 is being released? I hope there’s a recap…

  3. Also, if anyone buys Hitman GO!, there was a mix-up with the Cross-Buy feature which will be corrected on 2nd March, so if you buy PS4 version now you will get the Vita version on 2nd March (and vice-versa), so don’t buy both!!

    You’re most welcome. ;)

    • Thanks for the PSA, I’m gonna get this when I home, loved it on my phone…

      • No worries! Obviously, be sure to buy the version you want to play on now! ;)

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