PixelJunk Interview

Our friends over at Ripten have an interview with the lovely Dylan Cuthbert, of Q-Games (and PixelJunk fame) on the eve of the Eden demo.  In the interview Dylan talks Trophies for Monsters, a certain list of Eden Trophies and even a sneaky mention of Dungeons.  He even uses the words ‘dilly-dally’ making Dylan clearly the greatest developer on the planet.

There are 10 gardens, each of which is fairly huge. You kind of expand each one with each play as the no. of Spectra you have to collect increases and your home garden (the title screens) grows and lets you get to other stages. For a good player there’s at least fifteen hours of gameplay I think.

For our own previous interviews with Dylan, check out this one on Monsters and this one on Racers.  Eden is released Worldwide next Thursday, with a playable demo up on the US Store this evening.