One More LBP Surprise?

Alex “great accent” Evans was chatting to Eurogamer last week,saying that he “really wants to be able to do another [Game Developer Conference 2007] reveal” – as in, show something that people weren’t expecting. “A lot of people say to me that when we first did that Sony GDC reveal of LittleBigPlanet, that was a big shock – people didn’t see it coming,” said Evans.  “I want to do another LittleBigPlanet reveal that people don’t see coming.  It’s still LittleBigPlanet, but people will be saying, ‘I thought it was this – now you’re telling me it’s this as well?!‘ That excites me hugely.”

Is there another little surprise that only Media Molecule know about just now?  Is there still something up their sleeve?  Will we be able to change the perspective and create maze games and top-down shooters with this damned thing?


The game’s out soon enough, less than 3 months to go folks.