PS2 Software Emulation

Recent PS3s, if you’re in Europe, can’t play PS2 games – they lack the required magic dust that launch models made a selling point of. To be honest, PS2 games tend to look a bit crappy when they’re upscaled on a HDTV, but Reeves has suggested that in addition to the PS2 SingStar games being able to run natively on a PS3, SCEE are looking into other titles which also might be worth the time to convert, according to this German site.

Software emulation of key PS2 titles would be lovely, especially if we can download them from the Store, but we’re actually of the opinion that there’s some kind of error in translation here. We knew about the SingStar thing, but to suggest that you don’t need the PS3 disk is brand new information and only seemingly coming from one German website, so we’re marking this a rumour until we can clarify for ourselves.