TSA Meets LittleBigPlanet

Sometimes we get accused of sitting on our arse and recycling the news of the day in our own witty, cutting fashion.  And sometimes we go out of our way to bring you exclusives and reports that nobody else can be bothered with.  And then we get the chance to do something completely awesome, like play LittleBigPlanet, and we can’t resist the trek. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two months, you’ll no doubt be more than aware of our undying love for all things Sack, including a non-mutual, purely platonic man-crush on Alex “the voice” Evans.  Well, with LittleBigPlanet the current PS3 savior we thought it was only fair that we get ourselves organised and, Dual Shocks at the ready, see it for ourselves.


So, we first sent investigative reporter (well, one of us has to be) Gill across to Manchester armed with a high definition camera (a mobile phone) and an extensive list of things to try out when she got her hands on the game (grab Evans).  Sadly, Gill’s got some kind of fear of games that “aren’t SingStar”, but she did come back with some photos and some chat.

Firstly, the friendly chaps at the pop-up shop knew who we were.  Little old TSA, the center of attention for once, imagine that.  Then they said we should come back when it was Tutorial Time to get a proper grasp of the character and level creation.  Gill managed to grab some swag after seeing the game in person: badges, iron-on transfers and some cool paper templates, which we’re allowed to give away on the site once Michael’s licked them all.

We’ll have much more on LittleBigPlanet once we all get our hands on it, but rest assured this is something really special.  Big thanks to the guys in Manchester, and thanks to Gill for skipping lunch in the name of videogaming.