PS3 Selling Well, Says Tretton

According to Reuters this morning, the PS3 and PSP are selling ‘better than expected’ in a series of tasty soundbites from our favourite Jack (well, apart from the one that builds all the houses). “Driven by solid demand by video games,” say Reuters, “and the appeal of the Blu-ray disc movie system built into the devices, PlayStation 3 sales are some 30 percent better than Sony’s plan so far in its fiscal year.”

Will they make the 10 million sales? “We are in good shape for that number worldwide,” said Tretton in an interview. “We are tracking at 100 percent up over last year … about 30 percent ahead of where we should be. So sales could slow down and we will still hit our number. I think people are going to question every dollar that they spend, but they are going to look for value in return, he said. “The entertainment value … with PlayStation 3 compares very favorably to other entertainment choices.”