Age Of Booty

First mentioned on TheSixthAxis a while back, Age of Booty is… well coming of age.

No date has been set in stone, but you can be sure you’ll get to talk like a pirate real soon


Some details from the US Blog

* Release date: Soon (I’ll confirm when I get a solid date)
* Price: Only $9.99! (6.99/9.99 is the rumoured UK/EU price)
* Trophies: No comment at this time. ;)
* Add on content: Lots of free map packs in the future plus some cool expansions.
* Players: Up to 8 players online – You can play a 4 player local match then take the team online!
* Demo:Available a couple weeks after launch with online multiplayer matches!

I’m going to presume that it will include Trophies, hopefully at launch but if not you can get into the spirit of the game and steal some (just not from me, because I don’t have many)

Whilst we’re waiting for an exact release day check out this video to get you in the mood for rum, parrots and Keira Knightly (and/or Johnny Depp)

The release date is October 16th according to the official website. Hopefully this means Europe as well.

There’s a pirate name generator on the site, my PSN pirate name comes out as Captain CC, but worryingly if I was female CC The Cock-Eyed!