MS Dumps BluRay – Again!

Earlier this week it was revealed the the Xbox 360 was getting an external BluRay drive

This speculation is just about as old as BluRay itself, over the past year or two there has been claim and then counter claim as to whether Microsoft’s white beast will be getting the add-on


It was most recently reported that production contracts had been signed, and the only decision was whether to release it before Christmas or at next years E3.

Well Xbox 360 bigwig Aaron Greenberg, has laid the rumours to rest and laid into BluRay as a format saying “Let’s say right now we’re not sure if it’s the next UMD or the next DVD,” he went on to add “We also believe that the future’s digital, and that’s why we’ve invested in a massive library of entertainment content.”

Well if these reports are to be believed its pretty clear Microsoft believes in a future of downloads, and deals they have with their own content distribution and firms like Netflix back this up

Personally, I think it would have benefited the PS3 for a couple of reasons, it would have been easier to compare the values of the two different systems, and the more BluRay players out there the cheaper the format will get, cheaper disks equals cheaper movies and games.

So from signed contracts to a dissing of the format, the will they-won’t they, continues…