Kaz Hirai, eternal optimist

Kazuo Hirai has given an interview to the Financial Times stating that the PS3 will not get a price drop before Christmas. Basically he says they’re trying to add further value to the package rather than drop the price. Which is what some of you said when we discussed this a while ago.

The 80GB package rolling out in Japan is an example of this more-for-less policy but he does at least concede that “we’re getting to the point where price becomes more important” so maybe this is all a coded mesage to tell us there’ll be a price cut after Santa stables the Reindeer and gives the Elves annual leave.

He has an interesting opinion of the effect the global financial crisis will have on the industry which is either very astute and brave or ridiculously optimistic.

So, at the risk of re-hashing the same debate we’ve been having once a week for the past month or two, what do you think of this?

Personally I think Kaz is being a bit naive with his, people-will-still-buy-games-because-its-cheaper-than-going-out, logic. There’s a little comment about Konami at the bottom too, apparently they’re noticing the pinch. They should have made PES good this year, that might have rescued them.