price cut

360 Sales Up, PS3 Outlook Is Good

The 360 grows further, but good things are coming Sony’s way.

360 Price Cut Incoming?

It’s not just Sony who leak things . . .

KMart Confirm Price Cut and Slim

Looks like the NDA is over, then.

PS3 Price Cut This Year Very Likely

Sony slashing prices on TVs, BluRay players and the “PlayStation consoles”. Does that include PS3?

Pachter Is At It Again

*sigh* More ‘predictions’ from that ‘analyst’. Now, where is my crystal ball?

PS3 Will Get a Price Cut

SCEE boss says the PS3 will get a reduction when the time is right. That’s not now.

PopCap Price Cut

What does PopCap’s recent pricing experiment mean for digital distribution as a whole?

PS2 Price Cut Not For UK

Sony rub salt in the wound. The wound on the old leg we’ve had replaced and now works much better.

PS3 Price Cutting Time

The ongoing rumours and speculation just keep on going on. Ad infinitum.

New Price Cut Rumours

More analyst rumours about a price drop (true) and a feature-reduction (false)

PS3 Price Cut Coming?

SCEE boss talks about cheaper build costs and better profitability but does he mean a cut?

Kaz Hirai, eternal optimist

“Stay in, help the games industry” says Kaz.
“Go out, drink your troubles away” say I.