XBOX storage for free.

Microsoft, on realising that the launch of their Home-rivaling “New Xbox Experience” (NXE) will annoy all those numptys that bought Core and Arcade models of the little curvy lunchbox are giving away 512MB memory cards (if you qualify, most don’t but hey, it’s free publicity) and selling 20GB hard disks for $20.

Now, I’m not particularly a fan of Microsoft but this kind of customer support is surely something to be applauded?


What impact will this have on Sony? Probably none, Home will continue marching towards its unspecified release date unperturbed by anything Microsoft does. It might just have a slight impact on the market though, with consumers hearing more about the NXE and linking it to positive stories like this “free give-away” (for about 12 people). Alternatively, Sony could spin it that MS are having to sell you crap to bolt on to your 360 because they sold you an underpowered machine in the first place.