Age Of Booty Delayed!

Just as things were going nicely, and the nickname DelayStation had all but disappeared…

The bad news emerging from Capcom overnight is that Age Of Booty has been delayed at the last minute for the PS3.


Launched without a hitch on Wednesday’s XBLA, it was expected that we would get the great looking Age Of Booty on yesterday’s PSN update, but it was conspicuous by its absence.  The hope then was that it would appear on the US store later, but it didn’t.

Capcom then confirmed it was delayed in a post on their blog:

Early reviews on the XBL version’s multiplayer have been extremely positive. We want to ensure the online experience for PSN users is as smooth, fun, and addicting. We also want to ensure all those who dive into the map editor and generate new content for the Age of Booty community have a great time sharing their maps with friends. As a result, we had a little more work to do.

Look for the release to be sometime around mid November. Yes, Europe, we’re aiming for your release to be the same day as the US. We’ll announce a more specific date when we lock one down with Sony.

Unfortunately for Capcom they then tried to pass off an announcement for a Trophies retro-patch as a bonus, despite the 360 version launching with Achievements.

Good News: To soften the blow for our PSN fans I’m pleased to anounce to you all something I’ve only teased about in previous posts.
Yes, Age of Booty will support Trophies! We’ll have a patch available within the first couple of months upgrading the SDK and bringing with it the XMB enhancements and other cool features such as Trophies.

Some news for Capcom, Trophies aren’t a bonus, especially retro-patched ones, with multi-platform planning they would be in there from the start, or if it’s too late in the development schedule it should be a day 1 patch.

The Age Of Booty is now expected to be released sometime in November if Capcom can turn their Xbox’s off for long enough to get it together.