Ubi Shun PS3

They say bad news comes in 3’s. First we had the LBP news, then we had me with no milk for a cup of tea and cornflakes this morning, and now we find that Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s End War, the rather smart looking World War III RTS game, is to only make the demo available for the 360, and whilst this is old news, I’ve just played the demo on a mates 360 and it’s good and even includes multiplayer

Check out the trailer on YouTube although I’d recommend logging on to the PSN and downloading the trailer in HD from Thursdays PSN update, as the game has some pretty high production values


A unique feature is that the game also debuts some pretty nifty voice recognition technology with gamers able to control their factions with voice commands, it’s even being bundled with Sony’s official Bluetooth headset in some territories, although information is pretty hard to find on which territories and pricing.

It’s certainly very different from primarily using a joypad, to just shouting out instructions… and yes you can swear at it!

The lack of demo on the PSN is disapointing to say the least, as there are so many games coming out this one may not be that high on peoples shopping list, and a demo could have helped introduce people to the game, and even the RTS genre in general.

Although I don’t feel like I’ve backed the wrong horse, right now I could feel a whole lot better about owning a PS3, it’s gonna be down to nofi to bring some cheer back on Monday morning, with some exclusive (but not massive) PSN news

Via C&VG