LBP: Delayed.

Oh man, it’s like Haze all over again, except LittleBigPlanet isn’t a derivative, generic first person shooter.  Despite what we were told yesterday, it does appear that Sackboy is running a little behind, and will now launch on the 31st of October, or perhaps even later, according to rumours floating around this lunchtime.

Which is fine, really, because there’s loads of other stuff to play in the meantime, but for those of us with review copies and no way to go online until the retail servers go up, the wait is even worse…

We’ve asked Sony for clarification on this, but right now this is strictly a rumour.

Update 1: could be as late as Mid-November.  Still no reasons, but rumours abound of a recall…

Update 2: could be a recall, apparently there’s a song on the soundtrack that ‘could be offensive to people with certain religious beliefs‘.

Update 3: we’re now being told by readers in mainland Europe that the game is being recalled from certain retailers.  Again, this isn’t confirmed yet.

Update 4: right, we’re not posting more about this, but we’ve just seen this, and we don’t think it’s right to speculate further.  We’re told that SCEE will issue a statement shortly, and we think it’s best that the issue is dealt with via a proper press release.

Update 5: official press release.