Ninja Storm Next Week

According to the US Blog, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm hits the PSN next week.

Hiroshi Matsuyama from CyberConnect2, the game’s developers, announced that in next weeks release the game contains two different play modes with 25 different characters.


There is also talk of FREE downloadable content next year with extra missions and characters being available, although with SCEE’s strange new pricing structure that free content may soon be .29p

Not too long to wait until you can run on water and up walls ‘Crouching Tiger’ style, but seeing as the European store seems to have slipped back into delay mode (Battle Cars?) I’m going to assume this is for the US only, so whilst we’re waiting till next week or whenever feast your eyes on the animated storm of ninjas.


Ooops I appear to have let my enthusiasm get in the way of the facts. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm will actually be a BluRay release not on the PSN as I mistakenly quoted in the first line. Apologies to Jeff and the fine people at SCEA and the US Blog.

In future I won’t post blurry-eyed at 2:30am after a massive 6hr stint on Warhawk.

I will be spending my suspension finishing the absolutely amazing Dead Space, and fine tuning my rather rubbish flying skills in Warhawk