Sunday Thoughts: 02/11/08

Sometimes it’s scary being us.  When you publish the World’s first Quantum of Solace review, all eyes are on you; it might not seem like much, but for anyone looking to go out and buy the game first thing Friday morning for a good few hours our rambling prose was the only source of information on the game. Even Metacritic was only linking to us until much later that day.  Things like that make you think, they make you go back over the review text to make sure there were no mistakes, nothing we missed out, nothing we should have said.  A few frantic words with Michael that morning, a few subtle changes and a quick email to Q ensured we were right on track.

Of course, everyman and his dog have played the game now, and hopefully they’re enjoying it as much as we did – it’s a solid FPS with plenty of Bond atmosphere and what appears to be a great multiplayer mode, although obviously we couldn’t really test that until the game was launched and it wasn’t just us and a couple of other journalists running about the Facility Chemical Plant level.

It’s not been a massively interesting week apart from that, though – apart from Sony’s break-away controller patent and a decent Store update (aren’t they always, these days?) but we’ve been absolutely hammering the reviews to ensure we get through all the brilliant games in this year’s silly season.  This week, apart from the aforementioned Bond, we covered Dead Space, Midnight Club LA, Novastrike, Saints Row 2, Far Cry 2 and the lovely Valkyria Chronicles. Expect the flow of reviews to continue next week, too, with Brothers in Arms, Spider-man Web of Shadows, Siren: Blood Curse, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, LittleBigPlanet and Fallout 3 all currently sat in the TSA in-tray.  Phew.

Whilst I’m rambling, we got an email in from the guys at LittleBigLand, a new LittleBigPlanet fansite that the makers describe as being “a fluffy little place where you can meet up with other SackFolk to share, discuss and plan your adventures in Little Big Planet” and is always a well managed blog with stacks of videos and a really nice feel to the whole thing.  There are four main sections – News, Forum, Workshop (where you will find tutorials, hints and tips geared towards level and object design) and Chart (which will show off the very best user created levels, as voted for and hearted by you), so head over and say “Hi” from us.

With 180 posts in October, that’s been our busiest month since opening back in June 2007.  For an independent, single console site with no hidden agenda that’s pretty good going, and remember we don’t make a penny from the site apart from the occasional massive wad of cash from Google AdSense, which pays for the server and the expensive tequila.  We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not, we’re just here to deliver the news as it happens with a deft touch and a wry sense of humour, so here’s a shout out to our contributors this month: Beedog, CC_Star, ColossalBlue, EdgeFusion, GlennPFC and StefHutch20.  Without them it would just be my sweary rantings and Michael’s whimsical tales of huskies, so thanks for the help guys.

Then there’s the news that Michael and I are working on a game.  I don’t want to say any more than that at the moment, not even what it’s called or which console it’s for, but it’s a cute little thing that will hopefully be the best thing we’ve ever done.  He’s working on the coding, I’m concentrating on music and visuals, and we’ve had one hell of a brainstorm this week about the direction we want to take – stay tuned for more and hopefully some kind of announcement this next week or two. Finally, we’ve implemented comment editing into our comments too this week, so for 15 minutes you can fix your terrible grammar and work in a few more jokes.  It’s best for everyone.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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