LBP Levels Deleted?

If you’re currently putting hours and hours into creating an LBP masterpiece be careful, because the internet is reportedly alive with reports of masses of levels being permanently deleted or ‘moderated’

The story has come to light on Kotaku

Traffic on the LittleBigWorkshop discussion board seems to back him up. “This just happened to tons of levels in what seems like a matter of minutes, including my own level ‘Failure To Launch.’ ” Says one user. “By the trend I see from the levels I can no longer play from my recent levels on my planet, its all about copyright. Some levels I’ve seen now unplayable due to moderation: Pacman, Batman, and Scrubs related level.”

But your freedom to create absolutely isn’t as open-ended as they’ve implied. And this creates a huge chilling effect on user-created content for the game that was supposed to set a new standard for it.

My level was “moderated” [LittleBigWorkshop Forum, via Destructoid] My Level has Been Moderated and I Don’t Know Why [LittleBigWorkshop Forum, thanks Robbie] Getting Moderated? READ THIS! [LittleBigWorkshop Forum]

I though something was odd when my (extremely rubbish) beta created level had disappeared and I had received a notification that my level was being moderated, my level contained a few rudimentary electrified pieces of glass and a couple of sponge swings, if anyone played it they would confirm it was rubbish but it didn’t contain anyone else’s IP or copyright material. Puzzling!

Kotaku extremely worryingly also report

…But Robbie says there are instances of unpublished levels getting “moderated” too. “I’ve never been so infuriated over a game,” he says…

Can they even access your HDD?

My experience of the hugely anticipated LBP is turning very sour, since I purchased my copy I have rarely been able to get online to play others levels as the game has been beset by server problems and upgrades, the controls are less than accurate and often cause death through their ‘sponginess’ and the rather dodgy 3D implementation, Sony/MM seem intent on ripping off loyal early adopters with overpriced crap, and now hundreds potentially genius levels are reportedly being wiped with no warning or appeal process, when they openly used user-created IP infringing content to promote the game before launch.

The majority of levels I’ve seen involve at least a hint at someone else’s IP, and the rest of them seem to be there to give Trophys away, obviously IP infringement and Copyright law is serious stuff, but Sony/MM didn’t seem to mind when it was being used to hype and market the game before launch. Over promise & under deliver is the wrong way to do business, of course the removal of these levels may be nothing to do with IP etc, but as there is no communication process yet no one knows

Sony & MM have created a truly genius unmissable game but they are walking a PR tightrope and the early user experience is looking far from that pictured in hype and marketing.