LBP: Credit Crunch Free

Here at TSA we’ve been courting LittleBigPlanet since we first learned of its existence. Through thick and thin, the good times and the delays, not to mention the accents, we’ve been there championing the soon-to-be crowned PS3 Champion.

This week, of course, saw the coronation as LBP finally appeared to much acclaim, scores of 10, and general all-round giddiness. And so, to celebrate, SCEE launched some LBP DLC on the Store. Being the open minded, tolerant, even-tempered crew we are, a few of us got together to discuss.

CC_Star: I’d rather spend £3.99 on a Gregorian Chants CD from With such greats as: Alleluia: Gloria et honore and Credo: Credo in unum deum, how could I even think about buying a virtual T-shirt for a virtual character? Oh and I almost forgot about the unforgettable: Sanctus: Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus. Which, when you think about it, is rather like anus – and that’s where £4 virtual t-shirts can be shoved.

ColossalBlue: £4 for a tiny virtual t-shirt for a video game character that stood me up two weeks ago? If he was a girlfriend I’d have dumped him and now you expect me to buy him clothes?! What next, “premium” chocolates? Also, it’s got the developer’s logo on it. Don’t businesses usually pay for their advertising rather than get their customers to pay them for the privilege? I’d rather spend my £4 on thank you cards for Criterion who have actually given something back to their loyal fans over the past year and not bilked them for money in the process. So you can keep your £4 t-shirt Sony, and shove your sack up your arse while you’re at it!

Michael: £4 for a virtual t-shirt: I can get a real t-shirt at the local Tesco, and if I wait until near closing time, a whoopsie-stickered roasted chicken thrown in, all for less money than it costs to virtually clothe a Boy-made-from-Sack. I’d rather take my £4 and put it into an Icelandic bank for safe-keeping! If I was American I’d have spent it on a donation to the Republican party, and asked them to campaign to allow George Dubya back for a historic third term! Thanks for the offer, but no thanks – you can shove it up your sack.

Nofi: So, they want us to spend £4 on about 200 pixels? That’s approximately 2 pence per pixel. If you apply that to XMB wallpapers, that’s £18,000 for a 720p JPG, which makes the ‘Premium’ Bioshock themes an absolute bargain. Maybe that’s the point, they need to push the Premium theme downloads a bit, so they massively inflate the cost of things we might actually want to buy if they didn’t cost more than a pint of Peroni and a bag of nuts. No thanks, SCEE, shove it up your arsehole.

And thus concludes our look at the recent LBP DLC.

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