Sunday Thoughts 30/11/08

It’s been an interesting week at TSA Towers, with all sorts of things happening to keep us on our toes, and these have been particularly helpful.

Early in the week saw the voting open in our LBP Level Design Competition.  The standard of entries has been impressively high, so thank you to everyone that entered for all your hard work.  It’s a shame that there’s only 1 prize, because you all deserve something: Blame the credit crunch.  The competition has been a great success, and the team will be cooking up something else along these lines for the New Year, so get your design skills in order.

Then there was the emergence of Resistance 2, and Nofi nailed it in the review. It is an absolute blast, and if you want some non-nob people to play through co-op with, head over to our forum and get hooked up. I’ve been playing Resistance for a few hours now, and I think it’s major fun, with its lack of finesse being as worrying as LBP’s lack of pixel perfection, i.e. not at all.

The talk of the week has been Home invites, or in my case the complete lack of one.  Going hand-in-hand with this is Sony’s new wireless keypad, a super-nifty device that clips onto the SixAxis.  Ever on the lookout for fresh new content, I decided to pop into town to acquire one so that I could review it.  Of course, like with Home invites, I came up empty handed.  Instead I met a gorgeous 15-week old blue Staffie pup called Star.  She was really friendly and being a complete dog-fanatic I spent a few minutes saying “Hi” and giving her plenty of cuddles.  She wasn’t that bothered, more interested in making friends with my dog, Peggy.  Unfortunately, also in attendance was a complete loon who insisted on “blessing” Peggy and telling us she would “die a happy death.”  We legged it.

In order to help you get over this distressing story, here are some pictures I prepared earlier:

Husky 1 – Husky 2

On to next week then, which will see the final result of the LBP competition and the start of our Festive Fairways Everybody’s Golf tournament. At TSA we’ll be busy right up to Christmas keeping you informed and entertained – and who knows what surprises are coming your way?