Paphitis Says “I’m In”?

Theo Paphitis, the diminutive Dragon’s Den star and all round rich frigger, could be set to bid for parts of Woolworths according to MCV today. Since he’s already revived Ryman’s and La Senza (your missus knows it even if you don’t) he could be a good bet for fixing Woolies too.

Other bidders apparently include Tesco and Waitrose although details of exactly what these parties are bidding for are not apparent. It is most likely that Deloitte (who are administrating) will allow the company to be broken up and sell off the profitable parts (which includes the video games section) to pay the debts of the unprofitable parts.


It’s all a bit mental for Woolies at the moment but at least Deloitte are claiming that the staff should be safe until Xmas.

Another joke anyone?

What would Princess… No I’d better not, I’ve been inoffensive for the whole post.