Astro Tripper Coming

PomPom games are releasing Astro Tripper to the PSN on December 11th.

They are a very small development team (of two plus a sound guy) who excel in making hectic, fun games for digital release. They are responsible for the Mutant Storm games on the Xbox arcade but Astro Tripper was their first ever game back in 2000 on the PC.


It has now been re-worked, no doubt smoothed out and polished a bit, given the HD treatment and dispatched to Sony for uploading onto the store.

No clues to pricing yet but probably between £5 and £10 in the UK.

So if you’re a fan of side-scrolling shooters and you fancy hammering on something so mentally hectic that it makes your eyeballs bleed then Astro Tripper should be right up your street.

Oh, and we’re getting it before the US store. In your face Americans!