Call Of Duty 6 And More

Activision has just announced a rack of new titles to potential advertisers, according to MTV (we’ve not had any press releases yet), most of which are sequels to their own massive brands like Call of Duty.  Fans of CoD 4 will be happy to hear that the next ‘Duty will be a direct follow up to Modern Warfare and will be back in the capable hands of Infinity Ward.  


To woo advertisers, the games were shown with adverts in place – for example, Guitar Hero 5 was shown with a Burger King banner to the right of the main game.

Following on from the slightly crappy Tony Hawk Motion on the DS, the console versions of Tony Hawk 10, due next October, will be played via some kind of peripheral.  “You’re not going to be playing this game with a controller in your hands,” said the company. 

There’s also rumours that Activision’s Bizarre Creations, developers of the 360 based Project Gotham Racing series, are working on two racing games – the first is a James Bond themed title, the second is some kind of original idea currently tagged “Mario Kart meets Forza”.  No other details on the games were released, but interesting stuff.