Blu-ray Not Big Enough?

After a few weeks with no internet connection I’m now back and catching up on all things PS3.  The question is: what to post first? After all, what’s news for me is probably just old stuff for TSA readers, so I have to be careful when snooping into the deepest darkest corners of the internet not to write about something everyone else knew about a fortnight ago.

I have been delighted to catch up on the PSN updates of 20/11 and 27/11, finding out that GAME have a rental service, and that Cb almost went literally ‘postal‘ on us.  In the end I just decided to ease myself back in to my comfy TSA slippers with a bit of good old Cut and Paste.


Digital Spy are reporting that the PS3 will be able to support Pioneer’s newly developed 16 layer Blu-ray disk. “The company confirmed that all current Blu-ray players, such as the PlayStation 3, will be able to read the discs,” says the site.  “Although it is thought that the extra storage will mainly benefit higher definition films and TV series, the space can be put towards special features and uncompressed data in games.”

Whilst devs are hard at work optimising their code and data to squeeze on to DVDs for the 360, the PS3 & Blu-ray seem ready to expand to fit their needs. The disk are expected to appear from 2010, with 1TB disks following by 2013.  Quite what anyone is going to do with all that space is anyone’s guess.

There, that wasn’t so bad. I might even do an original post later.


Speaking to Edge, Pioneer said. “Current BD players and drives would not be able to read these discs,” the company said, adding that the technology is “at this time not being proposed as a candidate for addition to the existing Blu-ray Disc format.”

However, the company went on to say that a firmware upgrade may allow Blu-ray players to read the disc, putting Sony’s PS3 straight into the spotlight as the likeliest device available today that could read them.