Evangelists Finger Games


This isn’t really new news but some of you may not have heard it. Those of you that have can tear me to pieces in the comments. Nothing new there then…


US “Conservative Christian” (I find they’re the worst kind) investment group (because Jesus loved the financial types) The Timothy Plan have issued a list of games that responsible (mental) parents should avoid buying for their little angels (future teenage parents) this Christmas.

Included on the list are the usual suspects: GTA IV because it’s just evil. Devil May Cry 4 because, well, it’s got the devil and stuff. Saints Row 2, presumably because it’s too much fun and Bully because it makes you be a bit gay in school and religious types definitely do not like underage gayness unless it involves one of their own, in which case it’s not great news but we’ll just send you to work in an orphanage in Brazil and pretend it never happened.

A surprise inclusion on the list is Army of Two which has been condemned for featuring “Somewhat homo-erotic undertones between the two main characters”. They should have just published its review scores.

So there you go, fundamentalist right wing hypocrites giving gaming advice to gullible parents.

On a related note I’m going to burn all copies of The Bible that I can find because I had a quick flick through and there are quite a few references to prostitutes as well as a number of acts of violence, rape and genocide. Two of the main male characters even kiss in a garden, but it’s alright because one of them get’s nailed to a cross for it.

Original source from Gamepolitics.com

P.S. You will notice that I didn’t link to The Timothy Plan in this article. If you want to know more about them you can find them with google but you might have to turn your “nutcase filter” off to see it in your list of results.