Home Already Outdated?

No, it’s not. Home is cutting edge. OK, it is a bit empty and with today’s opening of the beta the servers will probably crash and there will probably be a whole week of people bitching that this new experience that Sony is giving them for free isn’t working exactly how they want it to or doesn’t have what they wanted in it.

It’s free, so shut up complaining about it and see if you can find something to enjoy in there. Or just don’t use it.  Anyway, back to that headline. I didn’t just make that up to get people rushing in here to give me stars…  Aaron Greenberg has told Kotaku that Home “feels like 2005 tech in 2008. I’m not sure that’s what people want.”


Fair enough, it’s always funny when professionals get into childish fanboy bashing but in this case it’s especially amusing because of the following list of reasons:

  • There is massive buzz around Home at the minute – people clearly do want it.
  • There was nothing like this in 2005, maybe Second Life type stuff if you want to claim that as similar but that wasn’t a console experience.
  • If the tech is so outdated then why have your company just tried to pull a cheap rip-off with your NXE?
  • The Xbox 360 really is 2005 tech. No standard HDD? patchy HD support? WiFi? HD media? Using infra red? It’s 2008 and people still want that 2005 tech.

So there you have it, Microsoft bigwig making poorly thought out claims about their main competitor’s masive new launch. If it wasn’t so very funny it would be quite sad.