Uncharted 2 Info

You’ll remember the big Uncharted 2 reveal last week, well, it seems the latest issue of GI magazine is now in the hands of subscribers and whilst if you’re able we’d rather you bought the magazine, here are some of the highlights of the exclusive report.  The main thing mentioned is that there’s a new girl named Chloe Frazer – there’s a ‘no comment’ regarding the return of Elena and Sully, and the main storyline revolves around the ships Marco Polo lost whilst returning to Italy.

Hand to hand combat is now more ‘dynamic’, there’s more stealth sections, the SixAxis functions have been ditched and there’s new weapons.  Uncharted 2 will still not have any load times, weapons can be used in any stance and you can now move whilst aiming behind cover.  Excitingly, apparently Uncharted 1 only used 30% of the PS3’s power, whilst the sequel will use nearly 100%.  “In Uncharted 2, every character fully interacts with the dynamic geometry moving around them, and environments in the background are real parts of the game world.”


Naturally, the magazine says the graphics look better than Uncharted 1.  More as we get it.

Via GameTrailers