Smart, Clever, Funny

The TSA Forums really do have it all.

Our members are the smartest, funniest and sometimes the weirdest people on the internet. No question.

Recent highlights in our forums, aside from the newsgathering skills of GamerRiley, Pixl1983 and Hodgi92 are:


Graphics Comparisons…just more anti PS3 fiction? A post by LiquescentShadow in which he pulls apart the graphics comparisons on certain websites and intelligently discusses why they are a load of pap. My favourite bit:

Right, let me get this straight. On a supposedly unbiased website, bringing their readers an objective look at games, they’re actually picking a favourite. This is where it ceases to be a matter that can be easily laughed off and begins to really get on my sodding nerves. Up to this point they have obviously been favouring the 360 (seemingly due to a large Microsoft payout in some form or other), but in the other reviews they have at least pointed out the merits of the PS3, albeit halfheartedly. Once favourites are picked then you just can’t take them seriously. No one asked them to ‘definitively’ pick a version, either. That’s why it’s called a graphics comparison. You compare the pros and cons of each without needing to state which version they believe is better. It’s just incredibly unprofessional.

LiquescentShadow promises another installment (I’ve had a sneeky peak already) which I’m sure we’ll all look forward to. This thread really shows what a smart bunch you all are and proves that the TSA writers aren’t the only ones that can put together a great article. More of it I say!

Trophy Level A post where you can go and marvel at the dedication shown by some of our members when collecting trophies or just brag about your own.

TSA Photoshop Tennis Is a thread where a group of forum regulars are playing Photoshop tennis, with hilarious – and brilliant – results. Check in to see Solid Snake put an end to Sackboy, Darth Vader on the toilet and me with the word “nob” across my face. Please note though that there is some bad language (as with any post where andytorr gets involved) so if you’re in a stuffy workplace you might want to avoid this one until you get home and can really let the laughs out.

So you see, the TSA forums are great. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in with the mayhem. Just be careful when you enter the biscuit debate, I think that one might get violent…