Media Molecule’s Secret Out?

Whilst poking around in some deep and occasionally dark corners of the Internet, I may have inadvertently uncovered Media Molecule’s secret project, and at the same time shed some new light and information on Wednesday’s Snakeboy Is Coming post.  There may also be a bit old news as well but this time the words are in a different order.

Following on from the recent good news about improvements to LBP’s modding process, an internet whisper has now become a solid news fact worthy of ‘The News At 10’ bongs, as PlayStation Asia’s HK site announces some details of the forthcoming Metal gear content which was first glimpsed at the Tokyo Games Show.

  • Bong! – LBP to feature Metal Gear Character Costume
  • Bong! – Solid Snake, Meryl & Screaming Mantis Costumes available soon
  • Bong! – Value pack of all three costumes to be released
  • Bong! – Raiden to be include in the costume value pack


  • Bong! – A Metal Gear Solid level pack will also be available

And finally…

  • Bong! – 11 new Trophies will be coming to LBP as part of the level pack
  • Bong! – Media Molecules big secret blown

Here’s what you get in the $6 expansion pack: A 5th Sackboy costume (the Gurlokovich Soldier), 72 New Stickers, 12 New Materials, 10 New Decorations, 18 New objects, New background music track, 3 new interactive music tracks, New Metal Gear Solid themed ‘sound object’, New Plasma Ball ‘danger element’, New Laser Sight ‘gadget’, New functioning Searchlight lamp, the new Trophies to unlock and the Paintinator and Paint Switch.

We’re told that with the THE PAINTINATOR you’ll be able to splatter anything that comes between you and the end of any level. Shoot paintballs with the R1 button and using the right stick to aim. Paintballs will hit very weak slap. Shoot ‘Brains’ from a safe distances now and progress thru levels much easier. The Paint Switch, so you can attach it to any object and set it to destruct after being splattered with enough paint.  Sounds great.

Trophy details:


Speedy Rexecutioner: Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss in under 2 mins 30 seconds

Virtual Survivor: Achieve a score of 3,750 in the VR Survival Challenge


Rexecutioner: Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss

METAL GEAR SOLID® Booty Master: Collect all of the METAL GEAR SOLID® prize bubbles

Paint Sharer: Publish a level containing the METAL GEAR SOLID® Paintinator Powerup

QuickFire Artiste: Fire 40 paintballs in under 5 seconds

Ace Act 3 and Act 4: Ace Act 3: The Mission and Act 4: The Level Factory

Ace Act 5: The Boss: Ace Act 5: The Boss

Paint Splurge: Fire 5,000 paintballs

Diamond Hunter: Destroy the 5 hidden target diamonds in Act 4: The Level Factory

Thrifty Painter: Complete Act 3: The Mission firing less than 125 paintballs

It’s possibly not going take a genius to see that this DLC includes extra levels with a boss fight.  There is now word on dates or pricing yet for the European version, but TheSixthAxis will update you as soon as we can.   However, if you’re poor, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy the MGS fun.  If you don’t have the expansion pack you can still play MGS Story Levels by joining a host that has paid for them.  Naturally, you won’t be able to keep any objects, but you can experience the full story, which is nice.  MGS Level Pack owners will also be able to CREATE levels with any of these items (including the Paintinator) and SHARE them online for everyone to play.

Trophy details courtesy of Think With Portals.  Confirmation of last night’s rumour version of this story, full contents list and certain descriptions from here.