Reeves Interview

David Reeves, head of SCEE has given an interview to MCVUK in which he bemoans the mainstream press that gaming gets (I’m with him on that one) talks about how great the competition is (he’s also got a point there) and states that the PS3 is comparable to the PS2 in sales terms for this time in its life cycle (that’s true but also wonderful spin).

He says the PS3 has sold as many as the PS2 had at this stage in its life. Fair enough but in preceding paragraphs he is talking about how great it is that the market has grown. So the market has grown but your sales haven’t. That means that the market hasn’t grown for you David.


Now, I’m usually fairly critical of David Reeves and SCEE in general but I think this interview shows that he is an intelligent, realistic bloke that just wants the PS3 to do well in Europe and for that I’d like to offer him my respect and support.

Now, any chance of a job David?