Review: Resistance 3

The path of most Resistance.

MAG DLC Coming

Please stand clear of the sides.

David Reeves Joins Capcom


WipEout HD Devs To Lose Their Jobs Today?

(Update 2) Sony Liverpool for the chop? Say it isn’t so.

GamesCom Line-ups Revealed

SCEE, Activision, EA and Square Enix confirmed lists.

PS3 Will Get a Price Cut

SCEE boss says the PS3 will get a reduction when the time is right. That’s not now.

House on Prices

SCEE boss talks about pricing and development for the PlayStation brand with particular attention to the PSP Go.

Can’t Add Funds?

You’re not alone. Our readers let us know that the PSN Store is having issues.

More HD Remix

More HD remixes on the horizon, hopefully not more delays for us Europeans

TedTheDog Speaks Out

Home Community Manager talks about problems, delays and the future of Home in Europe.

Reeves Interview

Mr. Reeves is interviewed by MCV and I make a drastic U-turn on my opinion of him.

SCEE Jobs Safe, For Now.

David Reeves calms European job fears in TV interview.