More HD Remix

You’ve got to love our forums haven’t you, not only are they home to a giant thumb, some freaks, wierdos and even a few normal people, but they are also a hotbed of PS3 news & gossip.

It appears that Capcom could be catching a case of HD remix fever, following on from the success of Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, more titles look like they could be given the next gen treatment.


Capcom’s Christian Svensson, vice president, business development and strategic planning, said that while “not every game needs it”, the company was “potentially” going to apply the HD Remix treatment to other fighting games in its back catalogue.

He said: “Are we done doing HD Remixes? No we’re not done. But the next ones that we do will be even better, based on what we learned.”

When asked if Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was a game that didn’t need the HD Remix treatment, Svensson replied: “I won’t say it doesn’t need it. Marvel would be great to do. There’s obviously a fan base for it. It’s probably our most requested title. Unfortunately, I wish I had news to share on that front but I don’t.”

Personally I’d prefer an update to either Strider of Ghouls n’ Ghosts than another in the genre that has already been served well by SFII, IV & MKII.

Phew! for a moment there I’d thought I’d turn this post into a rant regarding the reported shoddy quality issues surounding Capcom’s European release of SFII or the fact it possibly wasn’t a coincidence that the delay occured in the one SCE region which is no stranger to delays. A close shave but I think we got away with it.