Is This Uncharted 3’s Female Villain?

News seeping out via GAF is that Uncharted 3 was shown off at GDC and has an embargo lifting today. Apparently, the most interesting piece of info is the first glimpses of the new nefarious ne’er-do-well you will be battling against.

Yes, it really does look like Helen Mirren. Whether that’s intentional or not is another matter but Uncharted might just be big enough to pull that sort of talent now.

We should stress that none of this is official just yet either, wait for Naughty Dog to confirm before you start getting excited.

Would you be excited at Helen Mirren (or someone similar) in Uncharted 3?

There’s also a YouTube video from the Totally Rad Show (where the info first leaked), where they talk about what they saw, if you want to pore over it yourselves:

Of course, you could also read all about Uncharted 3 in our preview.



  1. Looks like Drake’s mom, or Sully’s ex-wife maybe.

    • You take that BACK! Sully is a silver fox, he doesn’t pull anyone over half his age and he certainly hasn’t been foolish enough to get married (that he’ll admit to).

      At least in my head ;)

    • maybe both?

  2. Haha, am I the only one who expected a supersexy badass girl as the villain when I read that title?

    Still, this could be really interesting if she’s played well, definitely a good choice by ND this, atleast she can’t be much worse than Lazarevic…

    • You are not alone

    • I was expecting the same

    • You definitely aren’t alone

    • I was very disappointed when i read the article and saw the screenshot.I was hoping it would be a fit woman in tight leather clothing.;) I had to go back to the Lara coft screenshots to make myself “happy”:P

    • Same :)

  3. Uncharted 3 – cannot wait for this game :-)

  4. Fine choice of villian if HM is the voice behind the character.

  5. If that was indeed Hellen Mirren I would have a hard time shooting her :p

    • Could also be Dame Judy Dench ( ‘M’ in the latest Bond films. )

      • She would also be great in this role.

    • would you shoot your load (of bullets) at her ?

  6. Would be constant of hollywood casting a Brit as the lead villain.

    • *consistent

    • Consistent of Naughty Dog too, what with Flynn in UC2 being British.

      • Erm, don’t read that if you haven’t played Uncharted 2 yet.
        Sorry. :(

      • Pfft.. its a 2009 game

    • Yeah, it’s true – if you’re English, you are definitely the bad guy in any American scenario.

  7. Helen Mirren is awesome – and I still would, atleast by candlelight.

    • I know that is quite a popular opinion, but I still don’t get it.
      Yes, she is an attractive 65 year old.
      But she is still a 65 year old, whether by candlelight or the harsh glare of a spotlight.
      I’m 31 and she’s older than my parents. *shudder*

      • You could get your boiler wings though… that’s pretty hard to do at 31! Even harder for me now :/

    • A resounding ‘No!’

      • There are quite a few I’d prefer spending quality time with rather than her, but I’d like to be able to say “Oh, Helen Mirren? Yes, amazing actress. Kind spirit. Generous lover.”

    • Agreed. She’s a hot granny. Although she won’t be a granny or a mother because she has a fear of childbirth.

  8. Not sure. I think professional voice actors tend to be much better. Some Hollywood types can pull it off (eg Seth Green in Mass Effect), but a lot can sound monotonous (eg Sean Bean in Oblivion). Its nice for a few minutes to think “OMG! Thats ‘X’ out of that TV show!”, but when it comes to really making a character come alive, Hollywood actors can be a bad choice.

    Maybe Helen would do a good job – it’s possible. But as usual I’ll remain pessimistic until proven otherwise :P

  9. Drakes Mother maybe? to tie in with the movie, any idea as to whether the director has cast Helen in the move amongst the other greats he has caught? That would be a sure giveaway.

  10. I’d love to see Helen Mirren as the bad-guy and even if it’s not her this woman should be the main villain. My assumption is she’ll tie in as someone Sulley’s slept with and there’ll be a lot of “banter” about that throughout.

    Just my 2 pence anyway.

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