Between The Lines

Other than the usual top 10 lists, and top 10 previews, news has been pretty thin on the ground for the past week or so, but now that Christmas & New Years are out the way it’s time for normal service to be resumed.

Over at PlayStation.Blog, developers have been queuing up to pass on their season greetings, talk about their top 5 games of the outgoing year and even let slip a few things about the coming year, and I even had my (unfortunately sarcastic) question answered about SSFIIHDTR’s absence from European stores.


So what did we learn;
SCEA’s Jeff Rubenstein’s top 5 picks were Valkyrie Chronicles, LBP, Rockband 1 & 2, MGS4, and Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds

Capcom’s John Diamonon’s top 5 picks were Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, WipEout HD, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Prince Of Persia Classic and Mega Man 9, he also talked about the really interesting sounding FLOCK! a PSN download which will be out ‘early’ 2009, and a slew of titles heading for the PSN in the form of PS1 & PSP downloads.
He also found the time to answer my question about the lack of SSFII on these shores, and I found out that “SCEE is a different beast altogether” (thanks John)

Guerrilla Games’s Steven Ter Heide found time away from all the work on the forthcoming and great looking Killzon2 to share his top picks, which were LBP, WipEout HD, Grid, GoW: CoO and MGS4.

Insomniac’s Brian Intihar’s top 5 of ’08 were MGS4, the amazing Dead Space, LBP, Prince Of Persia & NHL ’09 and the tease also can’t wait to share with us what’s in store for the rest of 2009

And last but not least Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert has mostly been playing Burnout Paradise, GTA IV, CoD4, LBP, Motorstorm 2, Fallout 3, Eden and the amazing Dead Space. and the good news is that in around all that game playing he has also managed to produce an update for Eden (coming very soon apparently) and two or three more PixelJunk titles coming this year to the PSN. Great news indeed!